Announcing Elan’s new ground-breaking Tyre Resource Recovery Facility.

Building on our 20 year heritage of expertise and innovation (formerly Tyre Recyclers WA), we’re about to embark on a recycling revolution with our new advanced Tyre Resource Recovery Facility.

Planned to be fully operational soon, our new facility at 9 Fargo Way Welshpool, is designed to deliver substantially more cost and energy efficiencies.

The processes will be quicker and safer with the resulting end products having hugely less impact on the environment.

A visionary Australian company.
For the benefit of all Australians.


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Destined to be a world first. Targeting no waste or by-products.

All of the materials Elan recovers from used tyres will be broken down into their three core components – Energy-efficient Carbon Char, Inexpensive Light Oil and Quality Milled Steel. Targeting no waste or by-products.

Our recovered, energy-efficient materials will benefit all Australians.

Elan’s unique processes of recycling used tyres will mean more inexpensive, energy-efficient raw materials becoming available.

It means all Australians can benefit from their low cost, higher performance, with significantly less impact on our environment than from traditional mined sources and supply chains.

We turn your used tyres into sustainable products.

Elan Recovered Carbon Char.

Elan’s sustainable technology recovers Carbon Char from used tyres. This Char contains far less impurities and is up to three times more energy-efficient than mined coal. A result that encompasses considerably less impact on the environment.

Elan Recovered Light Oil.

Elan also recovers Light Oil from used tyres. Being already semi-refined, this recovered Light Oil requires substantially less cost and energy than crude oil. These are significant savings which also make for a cleaner environment.

Elan Recovered Milled Steel.

As well as sustainable Carbon Char and Light Oil, Milled Steel from Elan’s Tyre Resource Recovery Facility also provides sizeable benefits to the environment. The US Environmental Protection Agency has posted research that suggests a 75% saving in energy and an 86% reduction in air pollution over that of virgin iron ore.

Immensely rewarding sustainable careers at Elan.

Should you be interested in working at Elan in the future, please contact us with your CV.

If you are a new tyre retailer, then Elan has a range of point-of-sale and online collateral items available for your business.

These pieces showcase your responsible and sustainable approach to tyre recycling through Elan’s Tyre Resource Recovery Facility. These can offer your customers another good reason to choose your business over others. And they can be customised to feature your brand and contact details.

Distinctive merchandise and marketing support for tyre retailers.

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